PENGARUH PUPUK MAJEMUK TERHADAP PERTUMBUHAN, PRODUKSI DAN MUTU TEMBAKAU CERUTU BESUKI NO / Effect of Compound Fertilizer on Growth, Yield and Quality of Besuki NO Cigar Tobacco

Djajadi Djajadi, Sulis Nur Hidayati


Farmers of Besuki NO cigar tobacco use single fertilizer of ZA or Urea (as a source of N-ammonium), and SP36 (as source of P) in excessive rates which may increase cost of fertilizing and reduce tobacco quality. The experiment which was carried out at Ampel village, District of Wuluhan, Jember in 2015 had an objective to quantify the effect of NPK compound fertilizer on growth, yield, and quality of Besuki NO cigar tobacco. Treatments were packages of fertilizing which include source of compound fertilizer (NPK, KNO3, and KS) and frequency of fertilizer addition (3 and 4 times). The research used Randomized Block Design with 9 treatments of fertilizer package and they were repeated three times. As much 8 treatments of fertilizer packages were compared with farmer’s fertilizer package (650 kg Urea + 25 kg SP36 +100 kg ZA +200 kg KS with 4 times application). Results showed that the highest fresh yield of cigar tobacco (19,6 tons/ha) was produced by farmer’s package. However, the high dried leaves (2,5 ton/ha) and crop index (69,75) were yielded by tobacco with 250 kg NPK + 100 kg Urea + 200 kg ZA + 150 kg KS + 100 kg KNO3 per hectare which were applied 3 times.

Keywords: NPK fertilizer, cigar tobacco, yield, grade index, crop index


Pada umumnya petani tembakau cerutu Besuki NO memberikan pupuk dengan dosis dan waktu pemberian berlebihan dengan jenis pupuk N-amonium, sehingga menyebabkan bertambahnya biaya pupuk dan penurunan mutu tembakau. Penelitian yang dilakukan di Desa Ampel Kecamatan Wuluhan, Jember pada musim tanam 2015 ini bertujuan mengetahui pengaruh paket pupuk majemuk NPK terhadap pertumbuhan, produksi, dan mutu tembakau cerutu Besuki NO. Penelitian didesain menggunakan Rancangan Acak Kelompok dengan 9 perlakuan paket pemupukan yang diulang tiga kali. Perlakuan paket pemupukan meliputi sumber pupuk majemuk NPK, KNO3, dan KS, dikombinasikan dengan frekuensi pemupukan sebanyak 3 dan 4 kali, sehingga diperoleh 8 paket pemupukan, yang dibandingkan dengan paket pemupukan petani (650 kg Urea + 25 kg SP36 +100 kg ZA +200 kg KS). Hasil penelitian menunjukkan paket dosis petani (650 kg Urea + 25 kg SP36 +100 kg ZA +200 kg KS per hektar diberikan 4 kali menghasilkan produksi basah tertinggi (19,6 ton/ha). Namun demikian hasil tertinggi produksi kering (2,5 ton/ha) dan indeks tanaman (69,75) diperlihatkan oleh tembakau yang dipupuk dengan 250 kg NPK + 100 kg Urea + 200 kg ZA + 150 kg KS + 100 kg KNO3 per hektar dengan frekuensi pemberian 3 kali, yaitu saat tembakau berumur 3, 15, dan 30 hari setelah tanam.

Kata kunci: pupuk majemuk, tembakau cerutu, produksi, indeks mutu, indeks tanaman


Key words: NPK fertilizer, cigar tobacco, yield, grade index, crop index

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