Preferensi Petani terhadap Jagung Hibrida Berdasarkan Karakter Agronomik, Produktivitas, dan Keuntungan Usahatani

M. Arsyad Biba


Some hybrid maize varieties had been adopted by farmers, but farmers responded differently toward each variety. The objective of the present study was to know the farmers’ responses to hybrid variety based on agronomic characters, productivity, and income among four hybrid maize, namely N-35, BISI-2, BIMA-3, and SHS-11 variety. The research was conducted in Takalar regency, South Sulawesi from March to November 2014. Sampling method was purposive, the number of respondents were 60 farmers. Information were derived from primary and secondary data. Primary data were obtained through survey and interview using structured questionaires. Technical analysis using R/C ratio was presented on tables then discussed in a descriptive-qualitative. Results showed that farmers planted BIMA-3 variety were able to obtain yield of 9.5 t/ha at 16% of moisture content, gaining the highest profit of Rp 15,875,000/ha. The superiority of BIMA-3 were its germination was better, the seed cost was cheaper, resistant to downey-mildew and stemborer, tolerant to drought stress, produced higher yields and its biomass stayed green, so that it was suitable for animal feeding. Variety N-35, BISI-2, and SHS-11 were not resistant to downey-mildew disease, the yields ranged from 6.9 t/ha to 7.9 t/ha, and their biomass were not stayed green. The highest R/C ratio was obtained from BIMA-3 (2.71), followed by BISI-2 (2.61), N-35 (2.53), SHS-11 (2.44) and OPVs (2.33). B/C Ratio of BIMA-3 was (1.71), BISI-2 (1.61), N-35 (1.53), SHS-11 (1.44), OPVs (1.33), and MBCR of BIMA-3 (2.13), BISI-2 (2.04), N-35 (1.86), and SHS-11(1.64). Therefore, BIMA-3 hybrid variety could be recommended for maize farming in South Sulawesi.


maize hybrid variety, agronomic character, productivity, farm income, farmer response

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