Dosis Pupuk dan Jarak Tanam Optimal Varietas Unggul Baru Padi

Ikhwani Ikhwani


Yield performance of rice varieties could be increased by optimizing plant spacing and fertilizer rate. The experiment was aimed to study the response of new rice varieties to fertilizer rates and plant spacing in two seasons (April 2012-April 2013) at farmer’s field, in Cianjur district, West Java. The experiment was arranged in a split-split plot design with 3 replications. The main plots were fertilizer rates: P1 was the present local recommendation (Urea = 100 kg/ha, Phonska= 300 kg/ha; organic fertilizer = 500 kg/ha), applied at 14 days after transplanting. P2 was the proposed recommended rate, based on SIPAPUKDI, Urea = 320 kg/ha, SP36 = 70 kg/ha, KCl = 130 kg/ha, applied at 7 dat, 21 dat and 42 dat (before flower initiation stage). Sub plots were plant spacing; T1 was local practice (equal spacing of 25 cm x 25 cm) and T2 was paired-rows Legowo 2:1 (25 cm-50 cm x 12.5 cm); Sub-sub plots were rice varieties, V1 was the best site variety (Mekongga), V2 was Inpari 14, V3 was Inpari 17 and V4 was Inpari 6. The sub-sub plot size was 8 m x 5 m, with the total of 48 plots per replication. The highest grain yields in the first planting season was 8.68 t dry grains/ha, produced by Inpari 17 planted with pairedrows legowo 2:1, followed by Mekongga (8.22 t dry grains/ha) with the same planting method. In the second season Mekongga variety produced 8.10 t dry grains/ha followed by Inpari 14 (8.08 t dry grains/ha) applied with the local recommended rate of fertilizer.There was no plant spacing effect on yield in the second season.


Rice; new high yielding variety; fertilizer; plant spacing

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