Potensi Hasil Galur Harapan Padi Sawah Ultra Genjah dan Sangat Genjah

E. F. Pramudyawardani, B. Suprihatno, Made J. Mejaya


Breeding for high yielding rice varieties with VVEM (<90 days after sowing/ das) is considered important to increase cropping indexes in the fully irrigated farm lands. This research was aimed to evaluate the yield potential of 200 promising VVE and VE maturing rice lines. A total of 200 VVE and VE maturing rice lines and five check varieties (Ciherang, Dodokan, Inpari 1, Inpari 13, Silugonggo) were evaluated in Preliminary Yield Trial (PYT) at Sukamandi Experimental Farm using augmented design, during the dry season of 2012. The 17 lines selected from PYT along with three check varieties (Silugonggo, Inpari 13, Ciherang) were further evaluated in Advanced Yield Trial (AYT) using randomized complete block design at Sukamandi, Kuningan, Magelang and Klaten, during wet season of 2012. Of the 200 lines tested in PYT, three lines yielded significantly higher than the best check variety (Inpari 1) and 2 lines did equal to Inpari 1. A total of 155 lines were VVE (<90 das), and 45 lines were VE maturing (91-104 das). Based on yield per day, 17 lines were selected to be evaluated in AYT in WS 2012. Based on combined analyses from four locations of AYT, seven lines produced grain yield/ha and grain yield/day higher than did the best check Silugonggo (5.51 t/ha and 51.7 kg/day); there were14 lines did better than Ciherang (5.07 t/ha; 41.9 kg/day), and 13 lines yielded better than did Inpari 13 (5.27 t/ha; 46.7 kg/day). The best seven lines and lines with higher productivity per day than that of the best check, with an average yield of 5.62 t/ha up to 6.12 t/ha, with days to maturity from 87 up to 94 das, were ready to be evaluated in Multi Locational Yield Trial to meet the requirement for the release of new variety.


Rice; very-very early; very early; yield per day

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21082/jpptp.v34n1.2015.p1-11


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