Perbandingan Kandungan Genistein Pada Berbagai Varietas Kedelai (Glycine max) Di Indonesia

Siti Uswatun Hasanah, Sukrasno Sukrasno, Rika Hartati


Soybeans is a functional food containing higher isoflavone compared to that of other food crops. Genistein, daidzein and glisitein are components of soybean isoflavones. Genistein to function as a protective agent against cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The content of genistein in soybean can be influenced by soybean varieties and plant maturities. This study was aimed to determine the genistein content of soybean varieties in Indonesia. The experiment was carried out at Biology Pharmacy laboratory of Indonesian School of Pharmacy and at Instrument Laboratory of School of Pharmacy, of Bandung Institute of Technology. Total of nine soybean varieties were used in the experiment. Extraction was carried out using heat treatment, and the extract yield was calculated on the base of grain soybean being used. The highest was 11.19% obtained from Dering 1 variety. The genistein was monitored using the Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC), but the result was not clear. Fractionation was performed using gravity column chromatography, and the fraction results were analyzed using a spectrophotodensitometer. Results showed that genistein content of Anjasmoro and Argomulyo soybean varieties, each was late and medium maturity, had high genistein content of 15.996 ± 2.51 µg/gram and 14.175 ± 2.03 µg/gram, respectively. In contrast, soybean varieties Detam 1, medium maturity, had low genistein content of 5.313 ± 4.77 µg/gram. This finding is important for the functional food industry in selecting raw material.


soybeans; genistein; varieties; comparison

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