Pendugaan Gen Bph1, bph2, Bph3, dan bph4 pada Galur-galur Padi Terpilih Tahan Hama Wereng Batang Cokelat (Nilaparvata lugens[Stål])

Diani Damayanti, Dwinita W. Utami


Pests are major constraints to increasing
rice production and brown planthoppers/BPH (Nilaparvata
lugens [Stål]) is one of the major pests of rice plant.
Resistance cultivar is one of the strategies for BPH
management. The objective of this research was to analyze
the Bph1, bph2, Bph3, and bph4 gene existence on the
selected rice lines using the molecular markers. The
phenotype of the rice lines were tested based on their
response to BPH population collected from West Java and
Cental Java. Molecular markers linked to Bph1, bph2, Bph3,
and bph4 were used to characterize the genotypic profile
based on PCR analysis. The results showed that there are six
genotypes resistant to one of the BPH populations from
West Java or Central Java. The six rice varieties were
detected to have not only allele of Bph3 gene, but also other
different allele genes. B12344-2D-PN-42-1 and Inpari 13 were
detected to have the alleles of Bph3 dan Bph1 genes.
B12512-18-SI-3-3-MR-3-PN-1, B12512-18-SI-3-3-MR-3-PN-1,
BMIP46-4-1, and PTB33 were detected to have the alleles of
Bph3 and bph2 genes. Meanwhile, B11007E-MR-3-2-PN-2-1-
MR-1-2 was detected to have alleles of three genes: Bph3,
bph2, and bph4. Nevertheless, this last line had medium
resistance to both BPH populations invested. There is a
possibility that the interaction between two genes, Bph3 and
bph4, occured which may affect the resistance responses of
rice varieties tested to BPH.


BPH resistance gene marker; promising rice line; gene estimation.

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