Hubungan Kekerabatan Jamur Pelapuk Putih Pleurotus spp. dengan Analisis Isoenzim

Achmad Achmad, Elis N. Herliyana, Ficky R. Agustian


Pleurotus spp. is an
edible mushroom commonly found on stem of wide leaf
trees or other wooden plants in the forest. A number of
Pleurotus species are found in Indonesia, and some of them
have been cultivated. An accurate technique is needed to
identify the species of Pleurotus correctly; one of the method
is the isoenzyme technique. Apart from its simplicity, cheapness
and quickness, this method also gives accurate information
on phylogenetic relationship among the Pleurotus
spp. The technique was used to determine phylogenetic
relationship in 6 isolates of Pleurotus spp., i.e., Pleurotus
sp.8, Pleurotus sp.6, Pleurotus sp.1, Pleurotus sp.7, and
Pleurotus sp.9, using the GOT System. Results of the analysis
indicated that all the Pleurotus isolates tested produced two
bands with similar thickness, except for Pleurotus sp.1 that
produced one band that move to the cathode (-). Another
isolate of Pleurotus spp. produced bands tend to move to the
anode (+). The genetic distances between Pleurotus sp.8
was similar to that of Pleurotus sp.9, while that of Pleurotus
sp.6 was similar to Pleurotus sp.7. Genetic distances of
Pleurotus sp.8 or Pleurotus sp.9 was similar to Pleurotus sp.6
or Pleurotus sp.7, with the longest distance on Pleurotus
sp.1. Pleurotus sp.1 showed a different migration distance,
where one of the isoenzym band tend to move to the
cathode (-). This indicated that Pleurotus sp.1 has different
phylogenetic relationship with the other Pleurotus spp.


Pleurotus spp.; phylogenic relationship; isoenzyme technique.

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