Pemuliaan Mutasi untuk Perbaikan terhadap Umur dan Produktivitas pada Kedelai

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To support the government policy in
improving soybean production, it is suggested to plant early
maturing (<80 days), drought tolerant and high yielding
varieties to be applied in the cropping system of rice-ricesoybean
and rice-rice-rice-soybean in lowland, and in
dryland cropping system of rice-soybean or rice-other
palawija crops. Mutation breeding in soybean for early
maturity and high productivity in soybean can be applied to
obtain some new varieties. The breeding procedures
included selection using bulk method for M1 population,
followed by the pedigree method for M2-M5 generations.
Evaluation of uniformity (homozygous) of lines is done on
the M4 generation. Yield and adaption testing are conducted
during M5-M8 generations. Through mutation breeding early
maturity soybean varieties were released elsewhere. In
national research institutes such as The National Nuclear
Energy Agency (Batan) Indonesia, soybean mutation breeding
activities were begun since 1972, while in Indonesian
Center for Agricultural Biotechnology and Genetic
Resources Research and Development (ICABIOGRAD), it
was started in 2009. Batan has released two early maturing
soybean varieties through seed irradiation such as Tengger
in 1991 and Meratus in 1998. While in 2011 ICABIOGRAD
through irradiation of calli-derived embryo zygotic has
selected 50 early maturing and potentially yielding soybean
mutant lines. While through seed irradiation in 2012, 15
soybean advanced lines that matured earlier and
demontrated higher yield were also obtained.


Soybean; mutation breeding; early maturity; high productivity.

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