Analisis Kekerabatan 50 Aksesi Kelapa Sawit (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) Asal Kamerun Berdasarkan Marka Mikrosatelit

I Made Tasma, Ahmad Warsun, Dani Satyawan, Syafaruddin Syafaruddin, Budi Martono


Genetic diversity of the
Indonesian oil palm collection remains low and collection
enrichness through exploration activities from the center of
origins is required. In 2009, 103 oil palm accessions from
Cameroon were collected at the National Oil Palm Genetic
Resources Collection located at the District of Sijunjung,
West Sumatera. The objectives of the present study were to
analayze the 50 Cameroon-originated oil palm accessions in
order to: (1) determine polymorphism levels of the SSR
markers used; (2) understand diversity levels of the oil palm
accessions tested; and (3) analyze accessions potentially
used for germ plasm collection. Fifty oil palm accessions
were used in this study. DNA was isolated from leaves of the
selected individual plants representing each of the
accessions. DNA was analyzed with 12 SSR markers. A
dendrogram was constructed using the UPGMA through
Numerical Taxonomy and Multivariate System program
version 2.1-pc. Results showed that SSR markers used
demonstrated the average number of alleles per locus of 3.6
(2-6). The polymorphism level was 0.53 (0.21-0.73). The
phylogenetic analysis resulted nine clusters with genetic
diversity between two accessions ranged from 4-82%. Ten
accessions (20%) showed low genetic diversity (<10%) but
the accessions demonstrated high diversity in flowering
time. Eleven accessions showed medium diversity level (27-
42%). Five accessions demonstrated high genetic diversity
level (45-82%). A confirmation study using more SSR
markers is recommended. This study finding may be useful
in planning the oil palm germ plasm collection activities.



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