Perbanyakan Nematoda Patogenik Serangga (Rhabditida: Steinernema dan Heterorhabditis) pada Media In Vitro Cair Statik

Chaerani Chaerani, M. Ace Suhendar, J. Harjosidarmop


Entomopathogenic nematodes belonging
to genera Steinernema and Heterorhabditis are potentially
most effective and safe biological control agents for insect
pests, especially for soil dwelling insects and those living in
cryptic habitats. Field application of the nematodes is still
hampered by supply of large number of infective juvenile
(IJ) nematodes. Five published in vitro media along with its
two modifications were tested for mass propagations of two
indigenous nematodes (H. indicus PLR2 and Steinernema
T96) and one commercial strain (S. carpocapsae #25).
Varying levels of IJ yields were observed across the
replications and experiments. Medium F that contained 1.0%
yeast extract, 2.5% egg yolk, and 4.0% soy oil yielded the
highest IJ numbers of H. indicus PLR2 (1.5×105 IJ ml-1) and
of S. carpocapsae #25 (2.9×105 IJ ml-1), whereas the widely
used medium B, which is based on homogenized chicken
offal (40%), yielded the highest number of Steinernema T96
(5.8×104 IJ ml-1). The IJ’s quality, as measured by their
morphometrics and pathogenicities, were generally
impaired, indicating the lack of essential nutrient(s) in the
media. Optimization of the propagation media is therefore
still needed to increase IJ’s quantity and quality to achieve
the required standard for commercial scale of artificial


Entomopathogenic nematodes, mass propagation, liquid culture media.

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