Characterization of Donor Genome Segments of BC2 and BC4 Way Rarem x Oryzica Llanos-5 Progenies Detected by SNP Markers

Wening Enggarini, Surjono H. Sudjahjo, Trikoesoemaningtyas Trikoesoemaningtyas, Sriani Sujiprihati, Utut Widyastuti, Kurniawan R. Trijatmiko, Sugiono Moeljopawiro, Masdiar Bustamam, Casiana V. Cruz


Plant breeders
make a succession of backcrosses to introgress a character
from a donor parent into genomic background of a recurrent
parent. In several backcrossing, the proportion of a genome
tends to return almost fully to recurrent parent, except the
small donor genome segment harboring the character of
interest. The estimation of the proportion donor segment
through backcross generations has been analyzed
theoretically using complex mathematical simulations. In
this study, the proportion of donor introgression segments
were directly analyzed in advanced backcross populations,
BC2F7 and BC4F2. The analysis was done by using a set of
single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) markers covering the
entire rice genome. Of the 384 SNP markers we found 124
markers which provide polymorphism between recurrent
parent, Way Rarem and Oryzica Llanos-5 as donor parent.
But only 55 SNP markers could detect Oryzica Llanos-5
alleles in BC2F7 and BC4F2 progenies. The result of this
analysis demonstrated that the average of donor segment
number was 14.5 in BC2F7 and 12.3 in BC4F2. It was reduced
15% from BC2F7 to BC4F2. The average of donor segment
length was 31.2 cM (centiMorgan) in BC2F7 and 8.79 cM in
BC4F2. It was decreased 72% during twice backcrossing. The
average of donor genome size was 343.95 cM in BC2F7 and
71.35 cM in BC4F2, which means there was 79% decrease
from BC2F7 to BC4F2. These results offered a simple method
to describe the proportion of target genome segment from
donor parent. It was required as one of the main selection
criteria in backcross programs.


Marker-assisted backcrossing; donor introgression; graphical genotype.

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