Keragaman Genetika Empat Belas Aksesi Kentang (Solanum tuberosum L.) Berdasarkan Marka SSR dan STS (Genetic Diversity of Fourteen Potato Accessions Based on SSR and STS Markers)

Kristianto Nugroho, Reflinur Reflinur, Puji Lestari, Ida Rosdianti, Rerenstradika T. Terryana, Kusmana Kusmana, I Made Tasma


Potato is one of high economically horticultural plant. The increasing of national consumption of potato becomes a challenge for
potato breeders. The success of breeding programs is depending on availability of genetic diversity. The aim of this research was
to analyze the genetic diversity of fourteen accessions of potato by using SSR and STS markers. PCR analysis was scored as biner
data and the collected data was analyzed using NTSYS and PowerMarker. The result showed that there were 63% polymorphic
(12 markers) of total markers. As many as 60 alleles with the size of 200–500 bp were identified by a range of 2–9 alleles per
locus. The polymorphism level was 0.59 (0.36–0.74). Result also showed the average of major allele frequency was 49.42%
(35.71–63.64%). Nine markers which have polymorphism level more than 0.5 could be used to detect genetic diversity of potato.
The average of genetic diversity index was 0.65. Cluster analysis showed that 14 accessions of potato were split in two groups
(coefficient 0.70). The first groups consisted of Atlantik, GM 05, Granola Kembang Merbabu 17, and the second groups consist of
Repita, Maglia, Medians, CIP397078.7, CIP392781.1, Margahayu, Granola, CIP394613.139, Amabile, and Tenggo. The information
of genetic diversity of this germplasm could be used as a preliminary basis for choosing crossing parents in potato breeding in


Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.); SSR; STS; genetic diversity.

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