Sidik Jari DNA 88 Plasma Nutfah Ubi Jalar di Indonesia Berdasarkan Delapan Penanda SSR

Nurul Hidayatun, Chaerani Chaerani, Dwinita Wikan Utami


DNA Fingerprinting of Indonesian 88 Sweet Potato
Germplasm Based on Eight SSR Markers. Nurul
Hidayatun, Chaerani, and Dwinita W. Utami. Indonesia
possesses a great number of sweet potato varieties.
Understanding the diversity and distribution of this genetic
resource is essential for its management and future use. The
objective of this study was to elaborate the molecular
character as DNA finger print of Indonesian sweet potato
germplasm. Eight fluorescent labeled SSR primers were
used to amplify DNA of 88 sweet potato accessions
consisting of improved varieties and landraces collected
from 7 islands in Indonesia. The amplified products were
detected using capillary electrophoresis method in CEQ
Genetic Analysis System machine. A total of 135 alleles
ranging from 8 to 36 alleles per locus with an average of 17
alleles were generated. Each accession had a unique
microsatellite finger print marked by specific combination of
11 to 22 alleles in 8 SSR loci. Dendrogram generated by
UPGMA based on simple matching coefficients produced 4
nonspecific groups at 80% similarity. The groups revealed
the possibilities that the accessions were distributed from
similar genetic resources.


Sweet potato; DNA fingerprinting; SSR marker

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