Keragaman Genetik 96 Aksesi Plasma Nutfah Padi Berdasarkan 30 Marka SSR Terpaut Gen Pengatur Waktu Pembungaan (HD Genes)

Dwinita Wikan Utami, Sutoro Sutoro, Nurul Hidayatun, Andari Risliawati, Ida Hanarida


Genetic Diversity of 96 Accession of Rice Germplasm
Using 30 SSR Markers Linked to Heading Date Genes (HD
Genes). Dwinita W. Utami, Sutoro, Nurul Hidayatun,
Andari Risliawati, and Ida Hanarida. Rice with early
maturity is one of an important genetic resources in rice
germplasm collection. Characterization and identification of
genetic diversity is an important issue for plant variety protection.
Molecular identification by microsatellite markers
using Genetic Analyzer enables resolve of this issue. The
objective of this research is to identify the genetic diversity of
96 rice accessions based on their specific DNA fingerprint
using microsatellite markers. A total of 96 accessions consisting
of a diverse variety of maturity classification were
genotyped with 30 SSR markers linked to HD genes which
spread out in 12 chromosomes of rice geneome. The total
297 alleles were detected indicated the level of marker
informativeness. RM5607 generated 7 allele with the size
range from 103 to 197 and the highest PIC at 0.90. RM3571
(linked to HD12 gene) has a significant value associated with
varieties which have early maturity trait. Clustering analysis
showed the cluster based on Sub Species genome background
and on early maturity trait.


DNA fingerprinting; SSR marker; HD genes; early maturity trait

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