Genetic Diversity Analysis of Jatropha Curcas Provenances Using Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA Markers

Dani Satyawan, I Made Tasma


Genetic Diversity Analysis of Jatropha Curcas
Provenances Using Randomly Amplified Polymorphic
DNA Markers. Dani Satyawan and I Made Tasma.
Jatropha curcas nuts are rich in oil that is higly suitable for
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the production of bio-diesel or to be used directly in
modified diesel engines. The objective of this study was to
assess the extent of genetic diversity among 50 J. curcas
provenances and one accession of J. integerrima using
RAPD markers. The fifty J. curcas provenances were
collected from ecologically diverse regions of Indonesia, and
planted in the Pakuwon Experimental Station (Sukabumi,
West Java). Fourteen RAPD primers with 60-80% G+C
content were used in this genetic diversity analysis and
produced 64 bands with 95.7% polymorphism level. The
Polymerase Chain Reactions used to generate the RAPD
bands sometimes produced inconsistent and nonreproducible
results, necessitating the duplication of each
reaction to prevent scoring errors. Sixty one validated bands
were subsequently used for genetic diversity analysis using
Unweighted Pair Group Method Arithmetic (UPGMA)
method and Dice coefficients. It was shown that the
similarity coefficients among the provenances ranged from
0.2 to 0.98 with an average similarity of 0.75. Dendrogram
analysis produced two major groups of provenances, with
one outlier from South Lampung. There was no tendency for
provenances originated from nearby regions to cluster
together in each group, and several provenances showed
more similarities with provenances originated from distant
regions. This pattern lent credence to reports that Jatropha
was introduced to Indonesia around four centuries ago and
was mainly spread by humans. Based on the mean
similarities among the accessions and their clustering
pattern, the genetic diversity of the Jatropha collection
appeared to be fairly low. Future additions of genetic
materials from more diverse genetic background will be
necessary to maintain the current progress of Jatropha
improvement program.


Genetic diversity; RAPD markers; Jatropha curcas

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