Pemanfaatan Jahe Kualitas Rendah Untuk Bahan Baku Sirup Oleoresin Jahe

NFN Risfaheri, NFN Anggraeni


Low quality ginger utilization as a row material for ginger oleoresin syrup.

The Experiment was conducted at Research Institute for Spice and Medicinal Crops in June 1993-March 1994. The objective of this experiment is to find out the possibility of using the low quality ginger as the raw material for ginger oleoresin in order to improve its added value. The raw material for the experiment was taken from Sukabumi District (West java). This experiment consist of two steps : (1) raw material analysis (ginger) and oleoresin preparation and (2) oleoresin application in syrup processing. The second steps of experiment were carried aut using Completely Randomized Design with three factors AxBxC, two replications. Treatments, A (oleoresin concentration), B (emulsifier) and C (citric acid concentration). The result of the raw material analysis showed that oleoresin yield and oil content of the low quality ginger were (*,50-8,69%) and (1.77-2.09%), which was lower than the export quality ginger (10,13 and 2,60%). Compotition of the ginger oleoresin syrup preferably (in 100 ml) is 0.60-1.00 g oleoresin, 0.75 g citric acid, 0.50 g NaCl and 150 g sugar. Emulsifier agent gave undersirable appereance and taste. Filtration gave better appereance, taste and colour but it slightly decreased the aroma. The syrup oleoresin can be used with 1 : 5 dilution.


Jahe; Pasca panen; Tanaman Obat; Oleoresin jahe; Sirup

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