Pengaruh Tekanan Uap dan Lama Penyulingan Terhadap Rendemen dan Daun Mutu Minyak Akarwangi

Sofyan Rusli, NFN Anggraeni


Vetiver oil is one of the Indonesian traditional export commodity since before the second world war. The main production area of vetiver oil in Indonesia is Garut, West Java This experiment was carried out to evaluate the influence of steam pressures (0.4 ,0.8 and 1.2 kg/cm­2) and distillation tme (8, 10 and 12 hours) on the oil yield and quality of the oil produce. Design of this experiment was a completely randomized. Design arranged fctorially with two replications. The vetiver used was origin from Garut –West Java.which has moisture and oil content 11.6 and 3.2%. resvectively. Distillation was carried out in a vessel of 120 litres  copacity and the weight of root for each batch/distillation was 6.3 kg.

The result showed that the steam pressure and distillation time influenced oil yield and its specific gravity. Hawever. Interaction of both treatments influenced ester value either after or before acetylationof the oil. The optimim condition of distillationwas 1.2 kg/cm2 steam pressure and 10 hours of distillation time. While the oil yield of 2.3%. the characteristic of the oil were as follow”, specific gravity 1.0107. refractive index 1.4998. solubility in 95% ethanol was clear in 1:1 proportion, ester value 13 and ester value after actylation 146.2. The quality of the oil met the Indonesia Nasional Standar(SNI)


Essential oil; vetiver root; steam distillation; oil yield; physico-chemical properties of oil

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