Pengaruh Infestasi Pratylenchus brachyurus, Meloidogyne incognita dan Radhopulus Similis Pada Tanaman Nilam (Pogostemon cablin Benth.)

Rita Harni, Ika Mustika


P.brachyurus, M. Incognita ana R. Similis are Major parasitic nematodes Afecting patchouli plantation in Indonesia. The occurrence of these three species of Nematodes patchouli plant have never been Done. Studies on the effect of P. Brachyurus, M. incognita and R. Similis alone or in Combination was conducted in a green house Of the Research Institute for spice and Medicinal crops from May to December 1998. One month old patchouli cuttings grown In the green house were incognita. 2) P. Brachyurus 3) R. Similis 4) M. Incognita, 2) P. Brachyurus, 3) R. Similis. 4) M. Incognita and P. brachyurus 5) M. Incognita and R. Similis, 6) P. Brachyurus and R. Similis, 7) M Incognita, P brachyurus and R. Similis 8) Uninoculated (control). The population of each Nematode was 500 specimens/plant. The Experiment was arranged in a completed Randomized Design with 3 replicates. Two Months after inoculation. The plants were Uprooted and fresh weight of roots and above Ground parts of plants(stems, branches and Leaves) were observed, as well as nematode Population in roots and soil. The results Showed that P. Brachyurus alone or in Combination with M. Incognita and R. Similis Was able to reduce fresh weight of roats and Above ground part of the plants significantly As compared to uninoculated plants. From the Highest to the lowest rate of reproduction Nematodes were P. Brachyurus (12.33). M. Incognita (7.65) and R. Similis (1.04).


Nematodes; Pogostemon cablin Benth; interaction; migratory endoparasitic; sedentary endoparasitic

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