Aktivitas Makan Maenas maculifascia WLK. Serta Serangannya Terhadap Ylang-Ylang dan Kenanga

NFN Wiratno, Amri Munaan


Feeding activity of Maenas maculifascia and its injury on Canangium odoratum forma Genuina and Macrophylla.

Maenas maculifascia Wlk. (Lepidoptera; Artiidae) may pose as threat to development of Canangium odoratum forma Genuina (Genuina for brevity) as well as C. odoratum forma Macrophylla (Macrophylla), since its caterpillars are capable of devoliating the trees and consequently reducing the production of their flowers, harvested for the essential oils. This preliminary study which was carried out at the end of 1989 and early 1990 at Bogor, showed that under laboratory conditions the eggs of this insect hatched in 7 days, larvae developed through 6 instars in 28-30 days, prepupal stage was 2 days, while pupal stage 10-12 days, or the insect completed its development in approximately 50 days. Its adults males and females lived for 7 days in average, and egg numbers were approximately 350/females. A larva consumes + 1.9 of canangium leaves, throughout its development.


Maenas maculifascia WLK.;Ylang-Ylang; Kenanga; Minyak atsiri; Hama

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21082/bullittro.v4n2.1989.104-108


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