Pengaruh Serangan Rayap Macrotermes gilvus (Hagen) Pada Guludan Terhadap Tanaman Lada

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Invation of termite Macrotermes gilvus (hagen) on mounding and its effect on the growth of pepper.

Invasion of termite, M. gilvus, on pepper mounds and effect on the growth of pepper was studied at Natar experimental garden in Lampung during 1986-1987. The study was carried out by opening the mounds of pepper with various types of plant support. Food preference of termite was observed by offering wood of “dadap duri” (Erythina indica), “kapok” (Ceiba petandra), “dadap licin” (Erythrina lithosperma), “gamal” (Glyrisida maculata), “lamtorogung” (Leucaena leucocephala), “mendaru” (Urandra corniculata) and pepper stem (Piper ningrum) to live on. Result showed that the invasion of the termite.

Accured on each block where pepper grow on mounds. Average number of mounds damage by M. gilvus was 53.21% with an intensity of 40.60%, resulting in stunted growth of the pepper. The termite of M. gilvus invaded the mounds planted with “kapok”, “mendaru”, “dadap licin”, and “gamal” as pepper support, causing approximately 50-57.50% damage. Actually it attacked all types of pepper support in the following preference, i.e: “dadap duri”. “kapok”, “dadap licin”, pepper stem, “gamal”, “lamtorogung”, and “mendaru” and the volume of wood consumed in a 5 months period was 106.67, 33.17, 20.33, 19.50, 13.83 and 1.17 cm3 respectively.


Hama; Lada; Rempah; Macrotermes gilvus (Hagen); Rempah

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