Populasi Hama Alami Penggerak Batang Pada Tanaman Lada

NFN Suprapto, NFN Martono


Natural population of stem borers on pepper

Study on natural population of stem borers (L. piperis) was carried out during the period of 1986 – 1987 at Natar Sub Station Research Institute. The sudy was conducted at mature pepper garden of Belantung variety about 5 – years old The objective of the experiment was to evaluate the population Growth of stem barers and their parasitoid in the field.

The result showed that stem barrer could be found throught out the year with overlapping population. Eggs population was lower as compare to pupae, adults and larvae were 0.75; 1.62, 2,96 and 8.50 per plant respectively.

There were two parasitoid which control the population of stem barer in the field, that were larvae parasitoid (S. piperis) and pupae parasitoid (E. curculionis). Larvae and pupae which were attached 12.35% and 4.44% respectively.

Stem barer couse the damage of branch 18.94 – 42.82%, Spikes 63.57 – 96.64% and fruits 9.26 – 19.85%. there was a positive correlation between the larvae population and the branch damage of pepper. The population of adult was not always correlated with the damage of both spike and fruits.


Lada; Rempah; Hama; Penggerek Batang

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21082/bullittro.v4n1.1989.6-10


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