Induksi Kalus Tanaman SOLANUM SPP. Melalui Kultur IN VITRO

Deden Sukmadjaja, Ika Mariska, Endang Gati


Callus induction on Solanum sp. by in vitro culture

The need of solasodin compound as one of the basic materials for contraceptive pills is increasing year after year. To solve the problem, Bogor Research Institute For Spice and Medicinal Crops carried out a callus experiment to aquire solasodin compound by secondary metabolism. The objective of the first step experiment was to find out the treatment combinations in order to stimulate the callus formation and growth. In accordance with this purpose, two experiment have been conducted. The first experiment was treating Solanum khasianum with several concentrations of 2,4-D, NAA, kinetin and coconut milk (CM). the second experiment was treating Solanum lacinatium by 2,4-D 3mg/l. Result showed that the rate of callus formation of S. lacinatium was faster than that of S. khasianum.  It was also found that the treatment combinations of 2,4-D 2 mg/l and kinetin 0,5 mg/l on S. khasianum produced white, big and friable callus.


Solanum sp; in vitro; Solanum laciniatum; Pemuliaan; Tanaman obat

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