Peranan Jamur FUSARIUM Spp Dalam Menimbulkan Kerusakan Pada Tanaman Lada di Lampung

Rusli Kasim


Although Fusarium spp. have often been isolated from the spots, leaves, stems, berries and nurseries of the black pepper, but the pathogenecity test gave negative result. Fusarium only infects the pepper of weak condition as the results of some agricultural practices (grafting, wound, cutting) or the pepper could be attacked by pests (borers) or other fungi. Fusarium also attacks berries if the condition of processing and storehouse is poor. Four species of Fusarium which have been known on pepper are F. oxysporum, F. sulphureum, F. semitectum and F. solani, but is only the first one is dominant.


Penyakit; Rempah; Jamur; Fusarium spp.; Lada; Fusarium oxysporum

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