Efikasi Beberapa Insektisida Terhadap Ulat Kenari. Cricula trifenestrata HELF.

Amri Munaan


Efficacy of some insecticides on Cricula trifenestrata Helf.

Nine insecticides comprising the groups of organophosphate, pyrethroid and a mixture of carbamate (carbaryl) and organophosphate (endosulfan) were tested againt the larvae of Cricula trifenestrata Helf. (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae). The insecticide were sprayed to the larvae for contact treatment and to the leaves of avocado for feeding treatment, using a laboratory manual hand sprayer of 1 litre capacity. The treaded larvae were reared in bottles, 10 larvae/bottle and fed with fresh, untreated avocado leaves every day for 1 week. The trial was arranged in arandomized block design with 3 replications each representing a block.

Result based on larval mortality, showed that monocrotophos (Azodrin 15 WSC), dicrophos (Bidrin 24 WSC), fenitrothion (Sumithion 50 EC, Karbathion 50 EC), cypermethrin (Cymbush 5 EC, Ripcord 5 EC), fenvalerate (Sumicidin 5 EC) and mixture of carbaryl and endosulfan (Sevidan 75 WP) were effective againt 3 rd and 4 th instar C. trifenestrata.


Hama; Insektisida; Cricula trifenestrata Helf

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21082/bullittro.v2n1.1987.6-12


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