Journal History

Bulletin of Research on Spice and Medicinal Plant Crops (Buletin Littro) was firstly published in 1986.  Buletin Littro is a scientific journal that routinely published twice a year, and includes issues related to spice, medicinal, aromatic and industrial crops. In the first issue (volume 1 number 1), published in July 1986, covered seven articles consisted of 3 scientific research articles, 3 review articles and 1 visit report. Buletin Littro was registered at PDII LIPI and obtained ISSN number 0215-0824 and e-ISSN 2527-4414 in 2016.

Buletin Littro was managed by Chief Editor assisted by six section editors with particular expertise in spice, medicinal, aromatic and industrial crops and supported by 4 managing editors.  The publication of Buletin Littro was funded from the APBN of Indonesian of Spice and Medicinal Crops Research Institute (ISMCRI).  Currently, the articles published in each edition is only focused on research results not included review article or visit report.  However, Buletin Littro temporary ceased its publication in 1995 to 1998, in 1999 (volume 10 number 1), in 2000 (volume 11 number 2) and in 2001 (volume 12 number 1) caused by technical factors.

In order to improve the quality of Indonesian journal publication, LIPI was required scientific publication journal to implement several regulations such as journal accreditation.  In the 30 years of its publication, Buletin Littro was accredited by LIPI four times, in 2006 (LIPI accreditation No. 04/Akred-LIPI/P2MBI/9/2006), in 2009 (LIPI accreditation No 191/AU1/P2MBI/08/2009), in 2013 (LIPI accreditation No. 554/Akred/P2MI-LIPI/09/2013) and in 2017 (LIPI accreditation No. 778/Akred/P2MI-LIPI/08/2017), in 2018 (Kemenristek Dikti accreditation No. 30/E/KPT/2018).