Buletin Penelitian Tanaman Rempah dan Obat

Buletin Penelitian Tanaman Rempah dan Obat (BUL LITTRO) published by Indonesian Center for Estate Crops Research and Development is a peer-reviewed and open access journal that publishes significant and important research from area of agricultural science in spice, medicinal, aromatic and industrial crops. We accept submission from all over the world on English or Indonesian language. Our Editorial Board members are prominent and active researchers in agricultural sciences fields who ensure efficient, fair, and constructive peer-review process. All accepted articles will be published freely and available to all readers with worldwide visibility and coverage.

P-ISSN: 0215-0824
E-ISSN: 2527-4414

Accredited Surat No. 5162/E4/AK.04/2021 for period 2020-2024, by Kemenristek/BRIN Sinta Category S2. Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia

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Vol 32, No 2 (2021): Buletin Penelitian Tanaman Rempah dan Obat

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Eni Budiyati, Angga Fredo Nugroho, Ristiana Fauziati
Aprillia Gorda, Eva Dolorosa, NFN Radian
Boy Rahardjo Sidharta, Astri Malaha, Exsyupransia Mursyanti
Andriana Kartikawati, Betty Natalie Fitriatin, Tualar Simarmata
Novriza Sativa, Indri Anggraeni, Hanny Hidayati Nafi'ah, Rama Adi Pratama, Dadi Nurdiana