Evaluasi Toleransi Plasma Nutfah Padi Lokal pada Lahan Masam Kahat Fosfor

Tintin Suhartini, Dwinita W. Utami, Ida Hanarida


Phosporus (P) deficiency is one of
limiting factor for rice growth. In Indonesia P deficiency much
occurs in acid soils. The use of P deficiency tolerant varieties
is the best solution compared to the application of P fertilizer
due to more efficient in cost. The purpose of this study was to
evaluate the local rice germplasm collected from several
regions in Indonesia to P deficiency in acid soil. The study was
conducted in Jasinga West Java during wet season of 2006-
2007 with the soil condition lack of P. The experiments were
conducted with the two treatments: first, without P fertilizer
and second with P fertilizer equivalent of 25 kg P/ha. The total
100 accessions of rice germplasm were screened in this field
based on a randomized block design with three replications.
Fertilizing were given on experiments I and II with the
composition: urea 300 kg/ha and 100 kg KCl. The field design
was done by plotting size is 1 x 5 m2, spacing plant of 25 cm x
25 cm, and planting two seeds per hole. The yield components
characters which were observed: number of tillers, plant dry
weight, plant height and flowering. The results of combined
analysis showed that there is a significant interaction between
P and genotype on the tiller number, whereas the dry weight of
plant, plant height, and flowering were is not significant. The
evaluation of 100 local rice genotypes to P deficiency by
indicators of the tiller number and dry weight of plants
obtained 19 genotypes that are tolerant to P deficiency with the
relative value of tillers number and dry weight of plants more
than 80%. Local varieties Mandalet, Ganefo, Padi Belanda,
Pulut Jangan, Padi Ubek Bala, and Padi Krayan were the most
tolerant to conditions without P which showed the tillers
number more 1-21% rather than the conditions with P
fertilizer. There are three selected genotypes, Pulut Jangan,
Padi Ubek Bala, and Padi Krayan which increased the number
of tillers and dry weight of plants in without P conditions. The
increasing of tillers number were reach 1-17% while the dry
weight increased 12-41%.


Germplasm; local rice; P deficiency.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21082/blpn.v19n1.2013.p%25p


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