Peluang Perbaikan Varietas Lokal Padi Gogo Pasaman Barat

Syahrul Zen, Abdul Aziz Syarif


Local variety
is the major component in upland rice cultivation as well as
breeding material in variety improve-ment. Local upland rice
varieties have been adapted to specific location, preferred and
adopted by farmers although they are late in maturity. These
reasons make it majority of farmers in West Pasaman District
(West Sumatra) still cultivate local upland rice varieties. To
know the yield potential and agronomic characters of widely
cultivated of upland rice in West Pasaman District, a variety
trial conducted in 2010. Five local varieties and one improve
variety planted a Randomized complete block arrangement
with three replications. Observa-tion conducted on agronomic
characters and yield and yield components. The results showed
that local variteies were tall (153-171 cm) and late maturity
(130-157 days). The local varieties also showed higher number
of spikelet/panicle (249-454) lighter 1.000 grains weight (<20
g) and higher yield than improved variety (4.27-5.51 compared
to 2.85 t/ha). In general all plant characters showed high
heritability estimate (except number of productive tiller/hillr).
High estimated of genetic variation coefficient and genetic
advance were shown on number of grain per panicle. Based on
these genetic parameters, selection at early generation for high
yield can conducted on number of grain per panicle.


Plasma nutfah; padi gogo; parameter genetik padi.

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