Evaluasi Toleransi Plasma Nutfah Padi terhadap P Rendah di Tanah Sawah

Abd. Aziz Syarif, Didy Sopandie, M. A. Chozin, K. Idris, Suwarno Suwarno


A field experiment was conducted to assess
genotypic variability of tolerance and to identify tolerant
genotypes to low phosphorus (P) among rice germplasm on
lowland (paddy) rice field with low available and potential P
using strip plot design with three replications. P fertilization
(with and without added P) was assigned as horizontal factor
and 120 rice plant genotypes as vertical factor. Data on plant
height, tiller number, and shoot dryweight were collected. Low
P tolerance was judged by relative value i.e. observation value
at the plot without P treatment devided by the value at the plot
with P treatment. The judgement was determined based on
IRRI standard. Shoot P uptake of five tolerant and five
sensitive genotypes on no added P treatment was also
observed. The results showed that the germplasm exhibited
phenotypic and genotypic variability of low P tolerance. The
highest genotypic variability of tolerance was shown by the
value based on relative tillering number (28.7%), followed by
that of relative shoot dryweight (22,6%) and relative plant
height (7,6%). The highest broadsense heritability of tolerance
was shown by the value based on relative tiller number
(24.1%), followed by that of relative plant height (16.6%) and
relative shoot dry weight (15.0%) Fourteen genotypes were
identified as highly tolerant based on relative tiller number and
28 genotypes based on relative shoot dryweight. The tolerance
of genotype was attained by higher P uptake and higher
internal use efficiency.


Rice; germplasm; low phosphorus; tolerance.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21082/blpn.v16n1.2010.p8-16


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