Optimasi Produksi Benih Padi Hibrida dengan Aplikasi GA3

Mela Wahyuni, Memen Surahman, Abdul Qadir, Satoto Satoto


Gibberellin (GA3) is able to spur the growth and flowering of plants. GA3 application on rice plant may increase plant height, number of grains, exertion of
stigma, number of tiller, and flowering synchrony of the parental lines. GA3 application for hybrid rice seed production is expected to increase the hybrid
seed production. The objective of this research was to obtain optimum concentration of GA3 to support the increase of hybrid rice seed production. The
experiment was arranged in a split plot design of two factors. The first factor as main plot was parent lines of each three hybrid rice varieties (V) i.e. V1
Hipa-8, V2 Hipa-14, and V3 Jatim-3. The se cond fact or as s ubp lots was four level of gibberel lins concentrations (GA3) i.e. G0 (without GA3), G1 (GA3 150
ppm) G2 (GA3 200 ppm) and G3 (GA3 250 ppm). GA3 treatment was applied by spraying GA3 solution of one liter per plot, both on the female and male lines .
Resul ts of the experiment showe d that concentrations of GA3 significantly increased plant height and the angle of floret opening. Interaction of GA3
concentration and variety significantly affected the increases of restorer plant height, percentage of filled grain per panicle, and seed set. The highest
yield of hybrid seed was obtained from A7 (Hipa-14) of 1,000 kg/ha, by an application of 200 ppm GA3. Hybrid seed of Hipa-8 without GA3 was 787 kg/ha and hybrid seed of Jatim-3 with application of 150 ppm GA3 was 907 kg/ha. GA3 application on the parent lines was able to increase the yield of hybrid seed, but
the seed yield was still considered low.


Hybrida rice; CMS; flowering; gibberellin; restorer

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21082/jpptp.v1n3.2017.p183-189


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