Karakteristik Flavor Beras Varietas Padi Aromatik dari Ketinggian Lokasi yang Berbeda

Elsera Tarigan, Jumali Jumali, B. Kusbiantoro


To express its optimum flavor, aromatic rice variety should be planted at a specific location. Elevation and soil types are generally considered as the main influencing factors. In this research, three sites, representing low, medium and high elevation, were used to test aromatic rice varieties for its flavor expression. The sites of research were Garut (over 1000 m above sea level/asl), Sumedang (over 500 m asl), and Subang (less then 500 m asl). The flavor components were measured using Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer, GCMS. The data were analyzed using principle component method. Elevation of the sites greatly affected the flavor components of Gilirang, Cimelati, and Sintanur varieties. Among the volatile compounds constituting the rice flavor, hydro carbon aromatic and aldehyde were the most influential ones. Based on the principle component analysis, there were five components contributing to the flavor, namely: butyric acid, benzaldehyde, 2-nonen-1-ol, toluene, and hepthl alcohol. The 2AP (2-Acetyl-1-pyrroline) which gives the pandanus flavor in aromatic rice, was found only from the aromatic rice variety planted at high elevation of Garut. The volatile compounds influencing the taste preference, based on hedonic test, was detected most on Cimelati rice variety as a strong flavor aroma. The general responses of panelist with regard to the aroma, showed moderate aroma to all varieties tested. But for taste, texture, and preferences, most panelists chose Sintanur variety planted at medium elevations (Sumedang).


Rice; aromatic; flavor; consumers preference; environment

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21082/jpptp.v33n1.2014.p27-35


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