Pengaruh Media terhadap Produksi Prodigiosin Isolat Bakteri Entomopatogen Serratia marcescens Asal Wereng Batang Cokelat

Ifa Manzila, Tri P. Priyatno, Rahminovita Herlis, Iman Rusmana, I Made Samudra, Yadi Suryadi


Prodigiosin, the red pigment produced
by the bacterium Serratia marcescens, is a secondary
metabolite of the family tripyrrole that has been widely used
as an antibiotic in the multifunction treatment of
antibacterial as well as antifungal. This study was aimed to
study the effect of Luria-Bertani (LB) broth and nutrient
broth (NB) media suplemented with several concentrations
of FeSO4 and CaCO3 on the production and characteristic of
prodigiosin derived from S. marcescens. The study was
arranged in a completely randomized factorial design with
four replications. The LB and NB media were supplemented
with 0, 2.5, 5, and 10 mM CaCO3 and 0, 0.25, 0.5, and 1 mM
FeSO4. Results showed a red pigment produced by S.
marcescens when cultured on both LB and NB media. Redlike
pigmentation was varied when supplemented with
different concentration of Fe2+ and Ca2+. The higher the
concentration of Fe2+, the more intense the red color,
conversely, the higher the concentration of Ca2+, the lighter
the red color. The interaction was found between the media
and concentrations of CaCO3 and FeSO4 on the production
of prodigiosin. The highest prodigiosin production was
obtained on NB media supplemented with FeSO4.
Meanwhile, the addition of CaCO3 did not affect the
prodigiosin production. An addition of 1 mM FeSO4 to LB
and NB media produced crude prodigiosin of 486.0 mg/ml
and 489.0 mg/ml, respectively. Based on purification by
column chromatography using silica gel, the prodigiosin
production on LB and NB media was 378 mg/ml and 450
mg/ml, with the purity level of 77.8% and 92%, respectively.
Detection of prodigiosin by thin-layer chromatography using
silica gel showed the red pigment had Rf value of 0.83 and
bioautography assay showed there was an antibacterial
activity against Xanthomanas oryzae pv. oryzae.


Prodigiosin; Serratia marcescens; LB; NB; CaCO3; FeSO4.

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