Deteksi Gen HptII dan Keragaan Agronomis pada Populasi BC1F1 Tanaman Padi Transgenik

Budi Santosa, Kurniawan R. Trijatmiko, Tri J. Santoso


Rice varieties tolerant to drought stress are needed to
stabilize rice production under drought stress condition. We
developed transgenic rice cv. Nipponbare carrying hptII
gene that might also contain OsDREB1A gene. OsDREB1A
gene responsible to drought tolerance trait need to be
transferred into cultivated rice in order to obtain new local
rice variety tolerant to drought stress. The aims of this
research were to detect the presence of hptII gene in the F1
and BC1F1 transgenic rice and to observe the agronomic
performace of those populations and their plant physiology.
F1 population was developed by crossing transgenic
Nipponbare, as donor parent, with Batutegi, Code, Ciherang,
and Konawe genotypes, as recipient parents. BC1F1
population was developed by backcrossing F1 transgenic
line with recipient parents, respectively. The presence of
hptII gene was analyzed by PCR using a pair of primers for
hptII. The observation of agronomic performance was
carried out in the green house, meanwhile the observation
of stomata was done using microscope. The result of PCR
analysis showed that BC1F1 Batutegi trans, BC1F1 Code trans,
BC1F1 Konawe trans1, BC1F1 Konawe trans3, dan BC1F1
Konawe trans4 were detected carrying the hptII gene.
Agronomic data showed that BC1F1 transgenic rice lines
yielded panicles, filled grains, and total grains higher than
those of recipent parents. Comparing to the recipient
parents, BC1F1 Konawe trans1 and BC1F1 Konawe trans3 had
less stomata on the lower side of the leaf, but had more
stomata on the upper side of the leaf.


HptII gene; transgenic rice; backcross; agronomic performance.

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