Pemetaan, Karakterisasi, dan Pengembangan Primer-primer Lokus Pup1 (P uptake 1) pada Padi untuk Peningkatan Toleransi terhadap Defisiensi Fosfor

Joko Prasetiyono, Tasliah Tasliah


Phosphorus (P) is the second most important nutrient for
plants after nitrogen, but is available in very low amount. P
deficiency in rice would reduce the number of tillers and
grain production. There are numerous publications on
exploration of genes that are associated with P. Many
researches on P that are directed to breeding program and
involving many countries/institutions focus on Pup1
research. Pup1 (P uptake 1) is associated with P uptake has
been well mapped on chromosome 12 at a distance of 15.31
to 15.47 Mb and microsatellite markers between RM28073
and RM28102 can be used as a selection tool in the MAB
(Marker Assisted Backrossing) program. Indonesia is very
concerned with this research because of P-deficient
problem. This review aims to provide current information of
research that explore the genes in Pup1 locus. This review
outlines the history of Pup1 mapping, to explain sequence
and expression analysis of Pup1, and to inform of Pup1
specific primers. The latest information is expected to be
useful for rice breeders in Indonesia, especially for those
who are interested to P deficiency research. Study of genes
within Pup1 locus is still ongoing, and found that some
genes do not contribute directly to P uptake. This may
indicate that Pup1 locus use other mechanisms in the P
uptake. This may indicate that some genes (dirigent-like,
fatty acid α-dioxygenase, aspartic proteinases) play a role in
the increasing level of lignin in P deficient condition.
Increasing level of lignin would increase the volume of roots
and thus increasing P uptake and resistance to biotic and
abiotic stresses. Specific markers to detect the genes in the
Pup1 locus have been successfully developed, and can be
used for breeding and exploration activities on Indonesian
rice germplasm.


Rice; phosphorus; Pup1 locus; specific markers.

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