Transformasi Genetik Pisang Ambon dengan Gen Kitinase dari Padi

Ragapadmi Purnamaningsih, Deden Sukmadjaja


One of the main constrains on the
productivity and quality enhancement of banana is wilt
diseases caused by Fusarium oxysporum (Foc). Production
decrease by wilt disease was 63.33%. Therefore, an effort to
obtain the banana new variety which is tolerant to fusarium
was absolutely necessary to be done. Genetic engineering
can be used in new variety improvement, especially for
production of pest and disease tolerant varieties.
Transformation of banana with chi gene which expressed
chitinase enzyme have been used in obtaining the plant
resistant to Foc. The goals of the research were to obtain:
determine lowest higromisin consentration inhibited nodul
growth by tested four consentration of higromisin,
determine optimum cocultivation time by tested three times
cocultivation, tested asetosiringone added on two times
cocultivation, and gen chi introduction at banana
transforman shoots with PCR. The explants used were
nodule induced from pseudostem of banana cv. Ambon
kuning. Genetic transformation done by sowing the explants
in bacterial suspension 0, 15, 30, and 45 minutes.The effect
of asetosiringone (0 and 100 mg/l) on cocultivation medium
was observed. The research results showed that the lowest
higromisin concentration inhibited nodule growth was 25
mg/l for 5 weeks and the best time for inoculation of nodule
were 30 minute. Asetosiringone added on bacterial
suspension did not increase transformation efficiency.
Chitinase gene transformation using Agrobacterium
tumefaciens on banana nodules produced 25 noduly ines of
putative transformant on selection media and 34 plants
transforman identification by PCR.


Banana cv. Ambon Kuning; fusarium wilt; genetic engineering; chitinase gene.

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