Peningkatan Toleransi Alumunium pada Jeruk Batang Bawah dengan Teknik Seleksi In Vitro Berulang

Mia Toruan Kosmiatin, Rosa Yunita, Ali Husni


Aluminum Tolerance Improvement of Rootstock Citrus
through Repeated In Vitro Selection. Mia Kosmiatin,
Rosa Yunita, and Ali Husni. National orange productivity
was trend to decrease because of pathogen attack and
reducing of planting area. One of alternative ways to
preserve and increase orange productivity was using
marginal soil mainly acid soil. This matter pushed the
breeder to prepare tolerant rootstock and stable in the acid
soil. In vitro culture technique was effective and efficient
methods to produce tolerant and stable rootstock in acid soil
through simulation of acid soil with addition of high
aluminum and low pH in the medium. By the simulation the
selection could be done in cell level, so cell was selected
after induction of variation. A rootstock which high
compatibility with scion, useful rooting, and aluminum
tolerance could be increased orange productivity through
acid soil development. The research was conducted in 3
phase: (1) induction of embryogenic calli, (2) improvement
of genetic variation through mutation, and (3) In vitro
selection with AlCl3.6H2O for aluminum and low pH tolerant.
Immature embryos of rootstock were use as explant. The
result showed that the best embryogenic calli were induced
on MS basal medium with MW vitamin + NAA 7,5 mg/l +
kinetin 0,5 mg/l. Before selection, 1.000 rad dosage was the
most tolerant dosage to growth embryogenic calli. After
selection, 2.000 rad dosage was the best dosage to produce
shoots which stable tolerant to aluminum. Selected 88
mutant shoots were produced after three times selection on
the same medium which AlCl3.6H2O added at low pH.


Citrus rootstock; Japansche citroen; aluminum tolerance; In vitro selection

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