Analisis Penawaran Lada Putih di Indonesia

D.T Sitorus, Ludi Mauludi


Response analysis of white pepper supply in Indonesia was carried out by using of time series data from 1970 to 1990. The distritof Bangka was used as a case study. Multiple regresion analysis and the ordinary least squares (OLS) estimation was used in this study. The purposes of the study are to analyze the response of white pepper supply on price changes via estimation of short and long run elasticities. The response from white pepper screage was used as proxy of supply response . The result from regression analysis shows that the change in prices of white pepper and fertilizer have significant influence on acreage response, while price the change in rubber price was not. The short run areage elasticity on the price   s ofwhite pepper. Rubber and fertilizer are 0.20; 0.05; 0.04 respectively. While in the long run are 0.52; 0,13 and 0.10 respectively.


Lada; Rempah; Lada Putih; Sosial Ekonomi

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