Pengaruh Tekanan Pada Pengeringan Beku Terhadap Komposisi Cabe Jawa (Piper retrofractum Vahl.)

NFN Hernani, A. Tambunan, NFN Kisdiyani


Freeze –drying is a driying process atLow pressure used , especially fpr material Containing volatile compounds. The experoment Was to study the effect of preassure of freeze Drying process on chemical composition of the Product. The process was conducted through Two steps, namelu freezing and drying.The Result showed that chamber pressure has Significant effect on chemical componentsof The product . good result was achieved by the Used of medium chamber pressure at 47,98 pa Where the chemical components of the product Are stabile. At low and High chamber pressures Two commponents are lost. However, at higher Chamber preesure two new components are Formed The quality of the product was found in The range of thhe Indonesian Materia Medica Criteria and water content ranging from 2 to 6.2%


Freeze-drying; Piper retrofractum Vahl.

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