Pengaruh Lama Pengeringan-Anginan dan Perbandingan Daun Dengan Tangkai Terhadap Rendemen dan Mutu Minyak Nilam (Pogostemon cablin Bent)

NFN Hernani, Suhadi Hardjo, Nanan Nurdjanah, NFN Irfan


Effect of wilting and leaf stalk ratio on yield and quality of pathouly oil (Pogostemon cablin Benth)

One of the efforts to improve the quality of patchouli oil is wilting the raw material before distillation. This experiment was conducted to find out the effect of wilting time and leaf stalk ratio on yield and quality of the oil.

The experiment was designed as split-plot with 2 factors and 2 replicates. Factor A was wilting time consisted of 4 levels, i.e: 3 days (A0), 6 days (A1), 9 days (A2) and 12 days (A3), while factor B was leaf stalk ratio (by weight), i.e: 1 : 0.5 (B0), 1 : 1 (B1), 1 : 1.5 (B2) and 1 : 2 (B3).

The materials were processed by water and steam distillation with cohobation system. The analysis carried out covering the moisture and the oil content of the raw material, oil yield, physic-chemical properties including oil components by gas chromatography. The experimental result showed that wilting process desreased moisture content, oil yield, ester value of the oil and sorne terpen groups. On the other hand specific grafity, refractive index and heavy polar component in pathouly oil, increased during the processing. There no significant influence of wilting process on acis number, optical rotation on the oil solubility in alcohol. It was also found that the higher the stalk proportion, the lower the oil yield and the oil content, followed with higher specific grafity, refractive index, optical rotation and heavy component of the material. The ratio between the stalk did not significantly affect the moisture content, acid number, ester value and solubility of the oil in alcohol.


Nilam; Minyak Atsiri; Pogostemon cablin Benth; Budidaya

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